What are the basic steps in securing a bond – The ABC’s?

When you call us we practice the ABC’s. They are as follows:

Ask how we can help you with all your needs.
Believe that we are the best company to help you.
Compete for your business.

A. We can help you through a difficult situation. The entire writing of a bond takes very little time- usually under one hour. A few short questions and the bond is ok’d!

B. Our knowledgeable agents know what it takes to negotiate the money side of getting a bond done. It has to be a win-win situation for both parties. We can help turn a bad encounter with the jails and police into a better experience – someone cares, that’s us!

C. Your business is greatly appreciated. If you’re ever in a jam again, give us a call- we never sleep! What does a bond cost, who pays for the bond and how? The bond cost, called a premium, is 10% of the bond amount. You, as our client needing to post a bond, either for yourself or a loved on, are responsible for this fee. It is the bail company’s source of income and therefore, non-refundable. Now the first part is done. The second part of negotiating a bond is securing the full value of the bond usually by some form of collateral – just in case the defendant forfeits (this is only applied in rare occasions).

*Remember, Free at Last is posting the entire amount of the bond in full and holding that surety until the case is settled, months and sometimes years. Even if a person’s charges are dropped, once the jail has accepted our bond, it becomes a binding agreement and the ‘premium’ is non-refundable.